Electrical Inspections

A&N Electrical Engineering can provide Electrical Inspection and Condition Reports (EICR). These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the condition of the electrical wiring throughout a building.

There are many reasons why customers request an Electrical Inspection and Electrical Report, but ultimately it is about checking the safety of the wiring. The Electrical Inspection and Electrical Report should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure the continued safety of the wiring of a building. The interval between Electrical Inspection and Electrical Reports will depend upon various factors including the use of the installation, the age of the electrical installation and also the frequency of the occupancy.

An Electrical Inspection and Electrical Report will check the electrical installation and includes checking for damaged fittings, testing electrical connections and the wiring integrity as cables can decay over time posing a potential fire risk.

Once the Electrical Inspection has been completed by one of our Wirral based Electricians the completed report can be emailed or posted to you and will provide you with an extensive summary of the electrical installation condition. Your report will state if the electrical installation is satisfactory or unsatisfactory and include details of any further remedial action required if necessary.

The importance of regular inspections is highlighted below using some of the images we have taken when carrying out our inspections.

To arrange an Electrical Inspection and Condition Report or to discuss any aspect of your electrical requirements please call to speak directly to a Wirral Electrician on 07712 898 391.

Below is a gallery of some of the Electrical Horrors we have discovered during inspections:

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