Electrical Surveys and Preventive Maintenance

Infrared Thermography or Thermal Imaging is a recognised technique for detecting loose or corroded connections. A poor electrical connection under load will rise in temperature. Arcing may occur and eventually the connection will fail, and could result in a fire.

A Thermal Imager provides a visualisation of heat, often invisible to the naked eye, which provides a quantitative analysis of temperature rise. A Thermal Imager can display and record temperature differences as low as 0.3°C which is far above the sensitivity required to detect electrical faults. A warm wire in a bundle of wires or amongst hundreds of terminals will be immediately detected and displayed. Overheated components or components that are breaking down and visually normal to an electrician will also be immediately apparent to a thermal imager.

Thermo graphic surveys are useful as they are non-invasive and non-destructive and allow the survey to be completed whilst plant and equipment is running, in production and on load. The surveys are performed in real time and produce fast, accurate and immediate temperature measurement and fault detection. A survey provides an increased reliability and efficiency of plant as any issues can be identified and rectified resulting in reduced breakdowns and stoppages which in turn significantly reduces maintenance costs and production losses.

The Thermo graphic survey can be incorporated in to existing predictive and preventative maintenance programmes. Preventative maintenance surveys can save on-line breakdowns, delivery schedules and in the long term significant costs. By having a Thermo graphic survey it can increase energy efficiency, help prolong the capital equipment lifespan, increased safety by reducing the risk of fire.

A Thermo graphic survey can assist businesses to comply with The Electricity at Work Act by complementing the Electrical Periodic Test and Inspection and helping to prove the integrity and safety of electrical systems and equipment. Surveys can be performed at a convenient time and tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

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